A list of things that intrigue me. #1

The intrigue list

1) Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)


What it is: An aurora is a natural light display in the sky, especially in the high latitude regions, caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles with the high altitude atmosphere.


What I find intriguing: My fascination with aurora’s date back to when I first watched a magical Disney movie called ‘Brother Bear’ where I was first introduced to the concept of lights floating in the air and looking absolutely magical. For anyone that has watched the movie, you know what I’m talking about, and for the people that haven’t- you must go see it. It portrayed the lights as an almost mystical force in which the spirits of the people died and returned as those of the animals that represented them best. Now, for a 7 year old, all that was pretty exciting. It still is, actually.
Except then, I was interested in its spiritual powers, and now I’m amazed by its sheer beauty. I hope to see them myself one day.
And that is the reason, it is number one on my fairly large and diverse list of things that intrigue me.






Little red riding hood.


Little Red Riding Hood

She quivered and shook
hugging her fragile body
Will they ever go away?
The dogs howled
The clock struck midnight
More than she ever thought,
That night had taken away
Trembling she stood
Her white dress red
More than her heels
Broken beyond repair
As she stumbled through
The silent streets
Her head thought back
To the man in the hood
The reason for her despair
Groping and grunting
Tearing and glaring
Muffling and shuffling
His ears pinned back
His eyes narrowing
That night,
The wolf had gone hunting.
And hunted he had
Watching stealthily from afar
The darkness his cloak
Her womanhood the light
And in that alleyway
He destroyed it
That very night
She cried and weeped
And sobbed and screamed
Would they ever go away?
Mental and physical
Moral and spiritual
She lost
more than her innocence
That day.
She locked herself
Her body and mind
Interaction was futile
Food forgotten
Happiness a distant memory
Yes, sleep was kind.
But she barely slept
Her mind on guard
Terror seizing her very heart
Her red hair splayed out
Like a dirty cape
‘Stop’ she screamed
Her memories fresh
Her soul dead
Before she thought of
The greatest escape
They say writers bleed ink
And that night she did
Her ink being red
Her writing beautiful,
The sorrows temporarily dead.
And that night
She was finally free
Her sorrows pouring out of her
A smile on her face,
The night a distant memory
They were fading away
but not for long
There were more to come
When her loved ones found her
The next day
They cried and weeped
As the girl had that night
Quivering and shaking
Holding her cold body tight
Amidst the sorrow and madness
They found the scarlet letter
Where she described that night
His eyes and face
And why heaven would do her better
Wrath replaced sorrow
The spirit of vengeance
They handed their precious
To the scalpled men
They would know who did this
By the morrow
The day arrived
Evidence bought
Struggles prevailed
Time passed
Justice delivered
The big bad wolf caught
And She smiled looking down
From her place in heaven
Finally faded away
For she knew
The big bad wolf
May have been just one
Many little wolves
Had also died
That day.


Distance is a bitch.


I’m sure EVERYONE has felt or thought that at some point or another. Your meeting is an hour away, you’re stuck in traffic, your best friend moves to another country, your elder sibling moves away for college and so many other examples.
Distance, really does suck


And yes, we do have this magical thing called the internet and applications like Skype and FaceTime and whatnot, but really, they’re only useful to a certain extent. When you Skype with someone or talk to them over the phone, you can see them laugh, you can hear them laugh, but you can’t Feel them laugh. That’s the thing. The internet may join our voices and minds, but the physical close and intimacy is missing. I repeat,
Distance sucks


Also, distance takes a lot out of two people. Not all relationships can survive the test of distance and time. Let’s take for example, the inspiration for this post- my cousin in America. She’s coming down to India after years, and we don’t talk at all. We don’t have problems with each other and there’s barely any awkwardness when she’s actually here, but the point is, it all changes when she goes back. There’s no contact, because our bond isn’t strong enough to survive its hardships. We love her, but distance doesn’t love us.

But there are two sides to this coin. While distance may lessen affection in some cases, it strengthens and increases some in others. Like my elder cousin that’s here, she has an amazing relationship with the one that’s in America. Again, bonds and perspective.
I guess distance and love, really intertwined.
But seriously,
Distance is a bitch.







The twentieth wife.


IMG_6700My interest in books goes back to when I was nine and was gifted one by a friends mom for my birthday. It was an Enid Blayton, the St. Clairs series. I remember crying when it got over, because it felt as though I had lost friends and ended a life instead of just finishing a series of books. My world (my book world) came crashing down around me and it was sad, but I realised that the only way for me to move on, I would need another book and world to grasp on to. I haven’t stopped reading since then.


Even though I’ve been reading for years now, The Twentieth Wife was the first historical fiction i had ever picked up, and boy did I enjoy it. The story is set in pre-british India, when the Mughal kings wielded all the power. This story revolves around a woman, Mehrunissa, who’s father (a Persian run away) nearly gave her away at birth, but then by a stroke of luck, got the means necessary to keep her and how she grows up to be a beautiful woman that enchants and finds her way into the palace skilfully, eyeing the Prince of the empire since childhood. How she went from nothing to being one of the most powerful women India had never seen, but knew of. It tells of her wit, bravery and the politics that come with power and gives an insight into what life in the palace was really about. The games, the trechary, the lavish life style, the jealousy…Indu Sundaresan blends the worlds of fact and fiction so beautifully, you question if there really is any of the either at all. All you see are facts, and the empowering story of a woman who rose above and ruled from behind a veil in a time where men were considered the supreme authority.Its a 350+ pages book, and It kind of drags in the middle, but I finished it in just a couple of days. As soon as i kept this one down, I moved onto the sequel. The ending was a bit disappointing, but otherwise, these books are a must read for anyone who wants an avid insight into early India in all its glory.



Starting a blog


Let me start off by saying that I am in no way, shape or form, a ‘blogger’. Until a while ago (well, day before) I didn’t even know what you’re supposed to do with one. What do you put in it? How often do you update? What is it about? Does it need to be cared for like your first born child?… No? alright then.

Basically, I knew nothing.

And then, my cousin happened.

She’s 8 years elder, 300 times smarter and an artist and avid blogger herself. Call it luck or intuition, but when she saw a post on how to make a blog, she automatically thought of showing it to me. Honestly? I had no interest at first. I didn’t have time for such trivial, mainstream things, I was too busy eating and procrastinating while simultaneously worrying about my work not being done and getting in trouble.

That is until I actually READ the post. That’s when the whole blog idea actually started to set in and play around in my head. I’ve always been a writer (not a very good one, but I try) and a huge foodie. Dance is my first and only love, and not many other people understand that, so I thought.. why not? Why not start something I can do at my own leisure while also sharing my interests and expressing myself through something I’m on 24/7 anyways? The internet is a magical place, its my turn to spread some unicorn magic around.


3 hours and a LOT of brainstorming (and snack munching) later, here I am. Writing this little summery while munching on the chocolate cookies that we decided to bake a couple of hours ago. (They were worth all the effort ohmygod)

Well, here’s hoping that this works out for me!