I’m not sure what I’m going to write about today, in all honesty. I’m torn between too many great ideas…or just ideas in general. Cause let’s be honest, a post saying “too much sugar in your coffee can kill you” isn’t exactly what one wants to read. Unless you’re a health fanatic, in which case I admire AND pity you, because you miss out on stuff like this and find it in you to not complain:


I haven’t decided a name for this post or anything of that sort, but after looking at that beautiful picture, my brain started producing some productive juices, along with my salivary glands. So today, I am going to write about something that has plagued me ever since I was 5 and being forced to chose between the strawberry lollipop and the blueberry one.

I think everyone at one point or another has gone through this rather gruesome thinking process.
What should I do?
Is this right?
Is the other one right?
This seems right but what if I’m wrong?
I may regret this
Should I just go for it or no?
It’s torturous. It’s time consuming, it’s annoying,
It’s inevitable
Everyone goes through this, but the thing is, different people have different levels of indecisiveness. It does not plague some as much as it does others.
Strong personalities, with a more solid moral compass, generally don’t face indecisiveness. I’m not saying that they don’t AT ALL, just less frequently than us other unlucky potatoes. Then there are people with a fairly good moral or spiritual compass, who experience it a little more than the former and get by without much psychological damage.
And then there’s people like me.
People that are trapped in this inescapable web of madness. We are plagued, annoyed and frustrated too often for the people around us to bear, let alone us.
I’m not saying that we lack morals or spirituality or anything of that sort, not at all. I actually think that it’s our high regard for both these things that get us into trouble. The fear of regret and the former along with other things, tend to make us re-think even basic decisions.
“Which toffee? Chocolate or raspberry?”
“Man, I haven’t had chocolate in forever, but I do love raspberry, but that one looks better, I haven’t really tried the other one. What if it’s disgusting? Uh..The vendor is looking at me distainfully now..”
At which point we start sweating nervously and just cross out fingers and pick any one.
Personally, my thought before taking any decision now has become ‘fuck it’
And let me tell you something- it works.
Why do you stress yourself out so much? Why are we so afraid of regret? You made a decision, you’ll have to live with it either way and that’s the harsh reality. Now, the question is, do you really want to live in fear all your life? Or do you just want to do something that makes you feel good, disregarding the outcome? I’m not telling you to go completely bonkers and kill that girl that insulted your shoes or whatever, but I’m not saying that you should sit around and brood trying to figure out if you want to say something to her or not.
You don’t have to be so afraid of everything. Do what feels right and try to live without regrets. Think of it this way “hey, I made a decision, it felt good at the time even though things haven’t turned out so great. It’s okay, I made a mistake. It won’t last forever. I’ll just be more careful next time”
Thats all there’s to it.
Trust me, any decision you make, right or wrong, will be yours alone. There is no need to regret.
It’ll be over soon.
Unfortunately good, or fortunately bad.
Everything passes.
This shall, too.












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