In sickness and health


Let’s get one thing very very clear- there is nothing fun about being sick. No, not even the elation that comes with being able to miss school or work is worth the feeling of being complete crap. At. All.
You usually feel groggy, undernourished, fussy, sleepy, tired, pukey, the works. It’s like having a hangover that lasts for a week, minus the fun that proceeded before hand.
It sucks.
And in all honesty, most of us can’t really take care of ourselves in this state. All we do is poop and sleep and have someone force feed us.
But who are these people? The people that put up with the shit we put them through, just because we feel like cow poop?
The people that love us.
For some people it’s their parents, for some their spouses, and for some just their friends.
All of these have one thing in common: they love you and want to see you get better.
I don’t get sick often, but I do get stuck with colds on a regular basis, which sucks. I like to think I’m not very difficult to take care of, but who am I kidding? We all are.
We never feel like eating.
We get annoyed when someone asks.
We fuss over what to eat when we finally agree.
Only to have a few bites and fall asleep.
Being sick is frustrating, but being the care taker is even more so.
I’ve seen my mother with my brother when he’s ill, and I’ve seen her with me when I am. We’re two very different people and generally don’t see eye to eye. We argue, we fight, we sulk…the usual. But the minute anything happens to either my brother or I, everything changes.
It’s not just my mother, I myself have felt extremely stressed out and worried when my friends or someone else I love has gotten ill. It’s infuriating when they don’t listen to you, the feeling of helplessness when they refuse to eat or drink or take medicine, is unparalleled. They’re not in the right state of mind, and you just want to see them get better.
A lot of people don’t have these little angels looking after them, so the next time you fall ill, and someone tries to take care of you, try not being so stubborn.
And please, appreciate them.
A simple thankyou makes a world of difference to someone that’s taking care of you so selflessly. A simple thankyou makes a world of difference even when you’re NOT sick. Because that’s not the only time they care about you.
Trust me.
They love you,
In sickness and in Health.