Withering and waiting

 I stay awake 

For what?
I don’t know 

Don’t pry 

Go away 

Give me a break 

Is it love? 

Is it true?

 I need some peace

 I don’t know 

What about you? 

But no, 

Don’t answer that 

You wouldn’t know either 

All you’ve ever seen 

All you’ve ever learned 

Is tit for tat 

Brick for stone 

Fire with fire 

But you forget 

Before burning anyone
It’ll burn you, sire 

I don’t know 

But maybe I do 

You think my age
Is a barrier 

Well, maybe its true 

I do know things 

Oh, but darling 

Let this frame not fool you 

I am not limited to..
I don’t know? 

Dresses and rings? 

I don’t need you 

Yes I do 

But will you ever let me think 



Will you?

 I don’t know 

That’s what you think 

Maybe I don’t 

 Because that’s what 

 You expect of me 

Raise me up 

Then push me to the brink 

Of insanity 

Of madness 

Make me hysterical 


Filled with sadness 

I’m ‘oh so privileged’ 

My ‘life is complete’ 

But you don’t understand

 I would give it all up 

In a heartbeat 

For what is the point 

Of all these ‘privileges’ 

When I’m still up at night 

My mind and soul 

Trapped in cages. 

I don’t know 

Nothing is wrong 

But nothing is right 

I do not have happiness 

But I do not have plight 

Its an endless struggle 

And I am confined 

I stay up withering and waiting 

For what? 

 I don’t know. 

I’m out of my mind.

Flip side



A kiss in the rain 

A laugh in silence 

Water in the desert

 Peace amongst violence 

 A hug in pain 

A smile so foreign 

 Laughter lines amongst wrinkles

 The loss in gain 

A clover within leaves 

 A splash of colour

 A blush with the tears

 Something new to discover

 A friend amongst enemies 

 The moon along the stars 

 The black in white 

Stories behind the scars 

 The lies in the truth 

 The holes in a dress 

 The thorns in a bush 

A saddened cheek to caress

 The beautiful in the ugly 

 The wrong in the right 

 The go in the stop 

The weakness in might 

 The crazy in the sane 

The pretend in true 

The tainted in pure 

The old and the new 

The silver in gold 

 The hate in love 

 The diamond in the coal 

False hopes from above 

The conservative in modern 

The adult once a child 

The wood in metal 

The outrageous in the mild 

The starvation in fullness 

The paper and the stone 

The breath of death 

Flesh and bone

 The right in the left 

The wet in the dry 

The no in the yes 

The agreement in an outraged cry 

Heads and tails

 Sweet and sour 

Dull and bright 

Shorts and veils 

 Now and then 

The give and the take

 Yes, these are the thoughts 

 That keep me awake