(Pls dun juj me something is better than nothing. Sigh)

Sometimes I just stand
Out in the rain
Pondering the prowess
The reason for this resounding pain
I sat down amongst the droplets
The soaking of my clothes
Watery earth in my hands
Sound beneath my toes
Pitter patter
Drop and scatter
Soft and sweet
Without heat
Washing over me
Like blissful sunshine
The rain is smoother
Less harsh this time
A drop beneath my eye
Mix in the salt
Waterworks from within
Single malt
A curve of the lips
A tremble of the curve
A whimper escapes
A touched nerve
The wiping away
Of the soft sigh
By the sound of the wind
Another cry
A deep breath
A deeper sigh
A hope filled wish
A step inside
Soaked clothes
Switched for sober ones
Ruffled hair
A button undone
The cries of the mind
Lessened by the cry of the storm
A warm cup in hand
A smile takes form