The caterpillar moved slowly
At its timely pace
The bugs moved faster
They pushed and pulled
Much to its disgrace
It saw the other caterpillars
Working on their cocoon
The picture was oh so pretty
They’d be perfect soon
It worked and worked
And worked some more
To build a cocoon like them
But alas, it kept breaking
And the butterflies had already
Hatched till then
So it saw them fly
Their colours alive
Now it worked even harder
The butterflies taunted
Wings were flaunted
How high could it strive?
The caterpillar started to lose itself
Amongst its cheery counterparts
So much was expected of it
It wanted to succeed
But didn’t know where to start
The cocoon kept breaking
It tired itself out
It would reach halfway and smile
Only to be told it wasn’t good enough
After a while
The leaf it chose was flaky
Its parents trust in it was shaky
Never pretty
Never good
Never working
Never would
300 days it spent
Trying to live up to everything expected
It’s confidence bent
No growth
No motivation
No love
Hell sent
The caterpillar stopped and stared
At the butterflies
And then itself
They were dreamlike
It was impaired
But the closer it looked
The clearer it saw
Their colours were hollow
Scarred and raw
The antennas bent
Black souled eyes
One leg less
Bent wings
Much to its surprise
It saw them flutter
Around eachother
Masking all their flaws
Their broken cocoons
And homebound leaves
Had just been hiding
Their fatal claws
So the caterpillar stopped
And took one more look
At everything it thought it knew
It decided how it was now
Was for the best
And with that
His confidence grew
It listened, still
To their heavy taunts
Now a little more sure
Of itself
And what it wants
It still moved slowly
At it’s timely pace
Not ashamed of its flaws
No love lost
No disgrace
And so it worked
On it’s own cocoon
Ignoring the unfinished bugs
That hatched too soon
It’s determination grew
It found support
A little more steady now
Ready to make it’s fort
So it spun and spun
And spun some more
Content with the thought
Of having a stronger base
Than the rest
And that in the future
His colours would be
The brightest of the lot.