From me, to you, this new year. 

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Statistics say: one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year,Statistics say: Mixed anxiety and depression are the most prevalent in mental disorders.

Statistics say… what could they possibly say? How do they matter? They’re numbers on papers sitting miles and miles away having nothing to do with me or you or someone we would actually care about, but no.

Have there been days where you can’t look at yourself in the mirror? Have there been times where you’ve not eaten because you’re afraid of how you’ll look if you gain that extra pound or what people would say if they watched you binge? Have there been days where no cloth is flattering enough to cover or compliment that body of yours that you don’t think is worthy of any praise? Have there been weeks where it gets harder and harder for you to get out of bed because each day is now a tedious, tiring struggle of not being good enough, smart enough, cool enough…


This is not you. Those times were not you. 

Listen, listen closely to me your body. 

You are good. You are brave. You are strong. You are worthy. And you are capable, more capable than you think and more capable than they believe. They are of no consequence their opinions do not define you or confine you, break you or shake you, you will not let them. They are not the people who will wake up every single day to your reflection in every shiny surface and your thoughts and emotions in that ever shining body, no, its you. 

Your teachers or parents or siblings or spouse are the rocks on the road that help you guide your car but you are the master of your own path. You decide the direction, the time, the route and the destination. An outsider’s opinion only matters to the point of self-depreciation when you don’t have an opinion, a flattering one, of yourself.

Do you like yourself? When you look at yourself in the pale shadows cast on you by the bathroom light at four in the morning because your mind wouldn’t let you sleep do you like yourself? As a person? As a whole? Can you look at yourself and hear only strange voices pointing out your numerous flaws, can you hear those voices lending a hand to your own voice and feel it tearing you down…can you?

Don’t self-destruct.

You are not perfect. Perfection is a myth of the gods and a wish of the mortals, you are not perfect and that is more than okay. You don’t have to be. Your happiness, your sanity, your mental health comes before their approval, their norms and their expectations. Its okay to be selfish. Its okay to protect yourself from the venom of this poisonous society.

 Don’t lose compassion.

 Towards yourself and towards others. Be kind and nice, to your own body and to another’s mind. The wants of your own do not outweigh the needs of another, but the wants of another do not outweigh the needs of your own. Its okay to say no. no is a full sentence, explanations and excuses need not follow for the sake of saving face or needless guilt. 


You, your reflection, your scars and your mind. If the way to show yourself love is by seeking help, there is no shame, there is no harm. You are in this for the long run. You are not crazy, you are not broken, you have not bought dishonour upon yourself. The blood on the blade and the finger in your throat tell stories only you can hear. Share them. Let them listen. Because you are.

You are now listening.

Listening to your body and you mind and not the voices they are surrounded by, not the inconsequential opinions of those that just breathe and do not live and weigh life by figment norms and structures created by generations long before them. 

Statistics say: one in four people will experience some kind of mental problem in the course of the year, 

Statistics say: Mixed anxiety and depression are the most prevalent in mental disorders.

I say: Love yourself, love the world and turn those statistics into what they truly should be: numbers on papers sitting miles and miles away having nothing to do with me or you or someone we care about.

How YOU can help with the Chennai Floods


Dil Walon Ki DilliWe saw that very well when, not long ago some of us tried to extend our support to Nepal. #LappisForNepal 
It’s time again Dilli to let the same generosity to flow and this time it’s for Chennai. 

Like last time we assure you that the kindness you show will surely be received by someone in need.
Our Team #lappi’s is collecting

Relief Material for the ones in need in Chennai. 

We are collecting following items:

– Blankets

– Clothes (3-20 years) 

– Plastic mats 

– Rice/Dal 

– Basic Medicines (Fever&Diarrhea etc)

– Flash lights/ Batteries 

– Milk powder 

– Candles 

– Towels 

– Rain coats 


– Maggi

– Biscuits

– Sanitary Pads/ Diapers

– Water Bottles 

– Disposable goods

-Baby food

-Cooking oil

-First Aid Boxes

-Anything you see fit which will be required. 
So now be generous and start donating. Trust us you’ll feel better. 

We’ll appreciate if you guys can get it delivered if not get in touch with us. 
1. Delhi – North

H-3/16 model town-2 delhi-110009

Near McDonalds  
2. Delhi – North (Truck) 

Main Gate of Shalimar Park, Model Town part 2 

Delhi -110009
3. Delhi – South

C-16 Nizamuddin East 

New Delhi -110013

Corner house before the market
4. Delhi – South

C-143 Defence Colony Main road

The E01 Foundation 

 ⁃ Where #LappisSaveTheWorld
 Avadh Nagpal (Delhi University) – 91-9899984448

Janit Sahni (Tarachand’s) – 91-9717678787

Hrida Banga (Modern School, BK) – 91-9999577877

Rabani Rekhi (Modern School, BK)

Piya Uppal (Modern School, BK) – 91-9811819360) 



So I recently did an Ad for Clean and Clear, which was absolutely insane.

For those of you who don’t know, Clean and Clear is brand that manufactures beauty related products such as face washes and creams. C&C India have a tie up with The Danceworx, a dance academy I have a scholarship at, so they went to all our studios – we’ve got many around Delhi and some in Mumbai – and held open auditions.

Now, originally, I wasn’t planning on giving the audition for some unfathomable reason, until one of my instructors and my siblings forced me to give it with them.

I was one of the 30 girls to get selected, and after the dress rehearsal, one of the remaining 10.

The shooting for that 30 second Ad started from 5 am to 4 am the next day. From finding the perfect hair, makeup and clothes for each girl to feeding them and making sure they’re comfortable along with the constant touch ups, everything was done in abundance.

The set, the people, the props..all contributing to an amazing experience; My first professional shoot.

The Static Speak My Name



A distinct ping sings into your ears, and the presumption of its eventuality is overshadowed by the dire need of it. You look down to your rectangle, and feel the vibrations of a sense of urgency that exists only in imagined spaces of binary. Your mind created worlds between the infinite series of digits, and your heart latched onto them in a manner that only the derangement of longing can make it do so. You seek to create an illusion, if only to solidify another. Like a compulsive gambler, yet again in need of his ‘estranged’ brother.

You stare unblinking, watching the words rush by, their manner quite like that of binaural beats. A third, imagined beat to the ear that completes the rumble. Without it, it’s merely a thump and bumble. And you don’t want that. Of course you don’t. So you choose to perceive the bridge of fantasy…

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(Pls dun juj me something is better than nothing. Sigh)

Sometimes I just stand
Out in the rain
Pondering the prowess
The reason for this resounding pain
I sat down amongst the droplets
The soaking of my clothes
Watery earth in my hands
Sound beneath my toes
Pitter patter
Drop and scatter
Soft and sweet
Without heat
Washing over me
Like blissful sunshine
The rain is smoother
Less harsh this time
A drop beneath my eye
Mix in the salt
Waterworks from within
Single malt
A curve of the lips
A tremble of the curve
A whimper escapes
A touched nerve
The wiping away
Of the soft sigh
By the sound of the wind
Another cry
A deep breath
A deeper sigh
A hope filled wish
A step inside
Soaked clothes
Switched for sober ones
Ruffled hair
A button undone
The cries of the mind
Lessened by the cry of the storm
A warm cup in hand
A smile takes form

Little red riding hood.


Little Red Riding Hood

She quivered and shook
hugging her fragile body
Will they ever go away?
The dogs howled
The clock struck midnight
More than she ever thought,
That night had taken away
Trembling she stood
Her white dress red
More than her heels
Broken beyond repair
As she stumbled through
The silent streets
Her head thought back
To the man in the hood
The reason for her despair
Groping and grunting
Tearing and glaring
Muffling and shuffling
His ears pinned back
His eyes narrowing
That night,
The wolf had gone hunting.
And hunted he had
Watching stealthily from afar
The darkness his cloak
Her womanhood the light
And in that alleyway
He destroyed it
That very night
She cried and weeped
And sobbed and screamed
Would they ever go away?
Mental and physical
Moral and spiritual
She lost
more than her innocence
That day.
She locked herself
Her body and mind
Interaction was futile
Food forgotten
Happiness a distant memory
Yes, sleep was kind.
But she barely slept
Her mind on guard
Terror seizing her very heart
Her red hair splayed out
Like a dirty cape
‘Stop’ she screamed
Her memories fresh
Her soul dead
Before she thought of
The greatest escape
They say writers bleed ink
And that night she did
Her ink being red
Her writing beautiful,
The sorrows temporarily dead.
And that night
She was finally free
Her sorrows pouring out of her
A smile on her face,
The night a distant memory
They were fading away
but not for long
There were more to come
When her loved ones found her
The next day
They cried and weeped
As the girl had that night
Quivering and shaking
Holding her cold body tight
Amidst the sorrow and madness
They found the scarlet letter
Where she described that night
His eyes and face
And why heaven would do her better
Wrath replaced sorrow
The spirit of vengeance
They handed their precious
To the scalpled men
They would know who did this
By the morrow
The day arrived
Evidence bought
Struggles prevailed
Time passed
Justice delivered
The big bad wolf caught
And She smiled looking down
From her place in heaven
Finally faded away
For she knew
The big bad wolf
May have been just one
Many little wolves
Had also died
That day.