A letter to my love


Nizamuddin east New Delhi 

April, 2016

Aurangzeb Lane

New Delhi 


The love of my life

Dear Love,

I write this to you

In hopes of good health

That I know is already there

For the mental scars you brush off

And the physical bruises you hide

I know every inch

Every colour 

Every length 

Every time 

I hope your parents are well

I know it is difficult 

For you and them

To adjust 

To all the changes life

Is throwing at you

So mercilessly 

How is your brother?

I see your relationship evolve 

From can’t live with

To can’t survive without 

I hope he has carved 

A little niche for himself 

As he wanted



Truly is a blessing

And finally 

How are you?

I seem to hear nothing at all

How is the person that taught

So many people 

How to live fearlessly 

Living their life?

Have you garnered the strength 

For yourself

That you dutifully lend 

To those around?

Have you mustered up the laughter

That isn’t just a facade 

The laughter that comes

From deep within your blue soul

The one you always invoke 

From every person you see?

Have those stunning hazel eyes

Shed tears that they should 

But cannot

Because they are busy crinkling 

When you smile

While wiping off another’s?

Have the strong shoulders 

You possess 

Sagged in defeat 

After holding up

The weight of others expectations?

Have those gentle hands

Held a pen

A pick

Or your distressed face 


I miss you

Your voice 

That soothes my pain, my worries

Better than any medicine can

Like a wave that washes away

The remains of any destruction 

Left on shore 

By those less thoughtful 

Less caring 

Less loving 


In every way possible 

Than you 

Take care of yourself 

You deserve more

Than what I give

And I deserve none

Of what I get 

But I cannot leave you be

You make me selfish 

Our souls are too intertwined 

Our connection too strong

Physical presence 

Is just an add on

When one heart

Can feel the cracking of another

From miles

And miles

And miles


I hope you will think about what

I have

And am trying 

to convey 

That you are not alone

That you have my undying love




And thanks

For I am what I am today

Whatever little it may be

Because of you

Because of everything 

You have made me

Big changes await you and I 

It is a trial

One bigger than others

We have conquered 


Tumbling And struggling 

But we are too stubborn 

Too proud 

Too stupid

To let anything waiver us

Who we are

As people

Two individuals



Say hi to your parents for me

I hope they haven’t forgotten 

The face

That landed in their domain

Ever so often

But doesn’t 


Due to life

Being as it is

Give my love to your family

For they are my own

I’ll await your reply

Ever so eagerly 

Thanking you

As always

Yours truly




So I recently did an Ad for Clean and Clear, which was absolutely insane.

For those of you who don’t know, Clean and Clear is brand that manufactures beauty related products such as face washes and creams. C&C India have a tie up with The Danceworx, a dance academy I have a scholarship at, so they went to all our studios – we’ve got many around Delhi and some in Mumbai – and held open auditions.

Now, originally, I wasn’t planning on giving the audition for some unfathomable reason, until one of my instructors and my siblings forced me to give it with them.

I was one of the 30 girls to get selected, and after the dress rehearsal, one of the remaining 10.

The shooting for that 30 second Ad started from 5 am to 4 am the next day. From finding the perfect hair, makeup and clothes for each girl to feeding them and making sure they’re comfortable along with the constant touch ups, everything was done in abundance.

The set, the people, the props..all contributing to an amazing experience; My first professional shoot.

Things Dancers have to hear


Being a dancer enables your body and soul to be one. You’re in unison with the universe and with yourself. Music is home, pain is nothing, body limitations are practically non existent…and so is the understanding of the people around you. So here are a couple of things that we have to hear on a regular basis, in hopes that you’ll be kind enough to not repeat them and if you do, add a touch of awe and a few inspired tears to go with them. Thanks.

1) “How much will/do you dance?”

Till my feet fall off, thankyou very much.

200 (3)

2) “Stop it, we’re in public

Excuse me, but my body can’t help but move on its own when a good song (or a song in general) comes on.


3) “Dancing is okay as a hobby and all, but not a career”

*stabs you*

200 (7)

4) “Can you do a split?”

Yes, yes I can.

200 (12)

5) “Can you show me?”

Yes, yes I can.

200 (13)

6) “If you keep doing that you’ll end up disabled/in the hospital”

Not if I do it right. Thankyou for your concern though.

200 (4)

7) “What’s the difference between * insert two completely different styles*?

We don’t usually mind this that much and do our best to try and explain, but please don’t expect a whole thesis. Google is thy friend.

200 (6)

8) “Do even eat/how much do you eat?”

I eat as much as I should. Goodbye

200 (2)

9) “What do you even wear for dance class/ THAT’S what you wear for dance class?”

I wear what’s comfortable. Dance clothes aren’t all that different from workout clothes.

200 (1)

And the best one:

10) “HOW do you do that?”



200 (9)

Thanks for coming!

200 (10)

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