I recently graduated from school. Those are some sad, sad pictures, so here are a few from the Farewell function my school organised for us seniors instead! 

I hope all of you are having a great new year so far. I’m sorry for not being regular with my posts, I promise I’ll do much better once my boards get over in May. Please be patient. Thankyou! 



Black leather jacket by I have no idea.

Crop top by Forever21

Jeggings by Zara

Shoes by some local boutique

Maang Tikka courtesy of my lovely friend Naina. Thanks for dressing me up! Always fun having mini shoots with you.



Hello everyone!
So as I mentioned earlier, I share this blog with my cousin, who uploads everything fashion related and otherwise.
We haven’t uploaded anything in a while and we decided that there’s no better time to do this.
We’re having an exhibition!
Bamby singh is holding an exhibition for her autumn collection that will span across 3 days.
It’s an open event and she does all kind of clothes.
Customised and otherwise.
We would really appreciate it if everyone stopped by to take a look at some gorgeous pieces of clothes and jewellery.
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!





Starting a blog


Let me start off by saying that I am in no way, shape or form, a ‘blogger’. Until a while ago (well, day before) I didn’t even know what you’re supposed to do with one. What do you put in it? How often do you update? What is it about? Does it need to be cared for like your first born child?… No? alright then.

Basically, I knew nothing.

And then, my cousin happened.

She’s 8 years elder, 300 times smarter and an artist and avid blogger herself. Call it luck or intuition, but when she saw a post on how to make a blog, she automatically thought of showing it to me. Honestly? I had no interest at first. I didn’t have time for such trivial, mainstream things, I was too busy eating and procrastinating while simultaneously worrying about my work not being done and getting in trouble.

That is until I actually READ the post. That’s when the whole blog idea actually started to set in and play around in my head. I’ve always been a writer (not a very good one, but I try) and a huge foodie. Dance is my first and only love, and not many other people understand that, so I thought.. why not? Why not start something I can do at my own leisure while also sharing my interests and expressing myself through something I’m on 24/7 anyways? The internet is a magical place, its my turn to spread some unicorn magic around.


3 hours and a LOT of brainstorming (and snack munching) later, here I am. Writing this little summery while munching on the chocolate cookies that we decided to bake a couple of hours ago. (They were worth all the effort ohmygod)

Well, here’s hoping that this works out for me!