Things Dancers have to hear


Being a dancer enables your body and soul to be one. You’re in unison with the universe and with yourself. Music is home, pain is nothing, body limitations are practically non existent…and so is the understanding of the people around you. So here are a couple of things that we have to hear on a regular basis, in hopes that you’ll be kind enough to not repeat them and if you do, add a touch of awe and a few inspired tears to go with them. Thanks.

1) “How much will/do you dance?”

Till my feet fall off, thankyou very much.

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2) “Stop it, we’re in public

Excuse me, but my body can’t help but move on its own when a good song (or a song in general) comes on.


3) “Dancing is okay as a hobby and all, but not a career”

*stabs you*

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4) “Can you do a split?”

Yes, yes I can.

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5) “Can you show me?”

Yes, yes I can.

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6) “If you keep doing that you’ll end up disabled/in the hospital”

Not if I do it right. Thankyou for your concern though.

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7) “What’s the difference between * insert two completely different styles*?

We don’t usually mind this that much and do our best to try and explain, but please don’t expect a whole thesis. Google is thy friend.

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8) “Do even eat/how much do you eat?”

I eat as much as I should. Goodbye

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9) “What do you even wear for dance class/ THAT’S what you wear for dance class?”

I wear what’s comfortable. Dance clothes aren’t all that different from workout clothes.

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And the best one:

10) “HOW do you do that?”



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Thanks for coming!

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