I held my lovers hand

Fingers intertwined

Sculpted met dainty

A soft squeeze

A look so kind

We walked through

The busy street

Watching the city

Come alive

The night was young

And so were we

All we needed was each other

And maybe a good party

In this summer heat

We went to a popular place

On my childish whim

It buzzed with energy

Packed to the brim


Before we entered

My lover stopped and stared

He had something to ask me

I knew what he would ask

I had found the silver band

I was prepared

I beamed at their nerves

Anxious and oh so sweet

I told them I wanted a drink

I knew it would make them feel better

There would be no cold feet

We entered the cave

Body sweat and heat

Lights met darkness

A rhythm

A beat

We took a few shots

And danced till we were sore

I looked at them like they were the sun

On a cold winter day

There had been nothing I had ever


Or loved


We clumsily bumped

Into people and things

What a beautiful night

It had been

And it would only get better

We had wings

A forceful bump

A crash and bang

We looked around

Our intoxicated minds


To understand

A figure walked towards us

People paved a path

What was that look in his eyes

Another bang

It was unbridled wrath

He held up the object

Nestled in his hand

A gun

Pointed at me

My mouth turned to sand

My lover moved in front

Put it down

He told the man

We can talk this through

All he did was

Give a disgusted frown


I begged my lover

But he wouldn’t budge

He straightened up further


Another pleading nudge

What have we done to deserve this

Put the gun away

The sick man sneered


He pulled the trigger

And then spit on my horrified face


He said

It was a sin

to be gay

I offer my deepest condolences to every single person that has been affected directly or indirectly by the recent shooting in Orlando. This is a crime of hate, not of religion or of gender. The LGBTQ community has survived and conquered almost everything in its path, and will be sure to survive and conquer this as well. We stand with you. In the name of love, in the name of humanity.


Female Foeticide


She smiled and danced
A new life inside
Grinning wide
This was it
She had finally arrived
To the point
Where she fulfilled
For what she strived
The days turned to nights
The nights to weeks
The weeks to months
You could see it now
Her ecstasy
Reaching new heights
She ate and stressed
Slept and smiled
In plus sizes now
She dressed
A slight caress
Over the skin
The barrier between her
And her next of kin
The elders were happy
But if there was to be a new heir
Only the doctors could tell
So they took her there
She smiled and waited
Wanting to see
The first glimpse
Of what her child
Would be
Another caress
Over the skin
The barrier between her
And her next of kin
The mechanics worked
She could see it clearly
A girl
How beautiful, she thought
but crushed were the hopes
The rest held so dearly
A girl?
A pitying look
An outraged cry
The smiles turned cruel
The taunts and jabs
This would not be tolerated
Her fear
Only adding fire to the fuel
This was her child
She knew what they wanted
Her to do
She had to let go
Of the one thing
She had looked forward to
A slight caress
Over the skin
The barrier between her
And her next of kin
‘No’ she whispered
Again and again
A state of shock
It was to be done
That very day
The doctors paid
A precious life
Would be taken away
She closed off
Dint resist
When they put her under
The last thing she heard
Being a word of encouragement
And a cough
She woke up
Feeling dejected
As dead inside
As the baby
The family had rejected
She never recovered
From that plight
She should have fought for her
With all her might
The world was terrible
And she cried
Again and again
A soft caress
Over the skin
The barrier between her
And where her child
had once been.